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About Bike Betty

Bike Betty is the Mountain Bike Coaching service that will make you question your whole life. That’s what happened to Jo Larkin, aka Bike Betty herself when she realised her lifelong passion for Mountain Bike Riding was more than just a hobby. Jo realised that the feeling she got while riding, could in fact be bottled and shared with others. In 2014, Jo decided to give people the opportunity to experience the pure joy of riding, starting her own Coaching Service.

Jo’s “out of this world” coaching, has helped thousands of people improve their riding skills, knowledge, and confidence on the track. Jo’s Programs are for riders of all ages, abilities and levels. Specialising in all-inclusive retreats in stunning riding locations including Tathra, South Coast NSW and the Snowy Mountains. Filled with fun and challenging experiences, Jo’s Sessions are known to get you out of your comfort zone and fuel your desire for adventure. 

“Jo's passion and skill are an inspiration for any woman mountain biker.”

‘Bike Betty’ is derived from the iconic cartoon character Betty Boop, and embodies empowerment for all Women in sport. Jo’s Women’s Coaching Sessions and Retreats are designed to encourage women to overcome limitations, expand their boundaries and broaden their knowledge on riding and all the joys it brings! While it’s hard work and you’ll be sure to discover that, Jo creates an experience that leaves you feeling empowered and confident! 

“Jo is an amazing coach and caters for all levels and riders.”

Jo's 10/10 rating for every session is a testament to her patient and passionate coaching style. Her extensive knowledge and incredible skill for Mountain Bike Riding is unlike any other in the South Coast, and Snowy Mountain region. Whatever age, skill level, or gender you are, there’s a 100% guarantee you’ll walk away from a session with Jo with (sore legs), a passion for riding and a feeling of overwhelming fulfilment. She’s not just good at what she does, Jo is one of the best. There’s alot to take away from a session with Jo and it’s enough to make you want to quit your day job. Bike Betty is the next bullet point in your bucket list, come and cross it off! 

"Jo has a great ability to balance all abilities and interests, and after I got home I signed up for a private session with Jo. She made me keen to learn more & ride more! Jo's passion and skill are an inspiration for any woman mountain biker. I would recommend Jo for coaching all abilities, beginner to advanced."

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